Tales of the Valiant: Player's Guide (Limited Edition) ENGLISCH

o you want to play the Tales of the Valiant roleplaying game? Do you need a guide for that? Well good news, this is it! All the tools of high adventure are here—plus new twists and new options born in the Kobold Press warrens!

Here’s some of what’s inside:
• 13 classes based on classic fantasy archetypes: fighter, rogue, wizard, and more!
• Fantastic lineages and heritages to describe your character’s origin
• A full equipment section that includes magic items for players to see!
• A full rules system compatible with the SRD and all the 5E books you already own!
With support for every play style from story-driven narrative gaming to rules-heavy dungeon-delving, Tales of the Valiant RPG is the sharp blade you need to slay dragons, seize treasure, and tell your own tales! Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Valiant!

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