Tales of the Valiant: Monster Vault (Limited Edition) ENGLISCH

All the Monsters You Need for a Valiant Adventure!
The Monster Vault contains over 400 monsters for the Tales of the Valiant roleplaying game and all the guidance you need as a Game Master to run encounters with those monsters. In this book, you’ll find:
• Classic fantasy monsters, such as ogres, dragons, water elementals, and giants.
• New monsters suitable for any fantasy or science fantasy world, such as ambush hags, virtuoso liches, fey guardians, mechadrons, and robots.
• New terrors from the ever-corrupting Void, such as voidlings, star crows, crimson jellies, and the mighty void dragon.
The Monster Vault also contains all the information a Game Master needs to create encounters with monsters, including monster roles and tactics, and it includes optional rules for Game Master Doom points and for characters wanting to harvest monsters for unique crafting and spell components.

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