Remember Frankie? RPG ENGLISCH

Brick by brick, Frankie was crushed by the weight of his own pride.
He’ll keep you dry where the rain never stops.
This old spiral staircase took its time to bend his ego,
a contortion that set his gaze beyond the mirror.


Remember Frankie? is a storytelling game about creating a shared history at the crossroads of memory and fiction by Rhodrick Magsino for 3-4 players. Players will reminisce about an imaginary person using real memories – playfully twisting the facts of their story to create a thematic veil of mystery. Anecdotal stories about Frankie are accompanied by stylized lyrics composed by the other players – breathing life into Frankie’s persona while emphasizing the connection players have to each other. The 56 page full-color digest-sized RPG zine is Rhodrick’s second tabletop game and first RPG publication through Alewood Games.

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