Pathfinder Lost Omens Tian Xia Character Guide ENGLISCH

Countless Peoples, Countless Techniques!

The boundless continent of Tian Xia features innumerable peoples, each with their own rich history and practices. Bring your character to life with this 136-page guidebook crammed full of everything a player might need to build a hero hailing from or journeying through these vast lands, including:

  • Six new ancestries, including the reincarnating samsaran, trickster tanuki, and shadowy wayang, as well as Tian-inspired additional feats and heritages for existing ancestries, like the peachchild leshy, bakuwa lizardfolk, and gandharva sprite!
  • Feats inspired by Tian Xia’s diverse arts and practices, from new elemental medicine to alchemically fortified cuisine to how the zodiac can guide your character’s path.
  • Spectacular magical and martial techniques to vanquish the toughest opponents, whether that's through weightless sword arts or by borrowing the ancient power of magical familiars.
  • Dazzling new magic items and weapons to forge or find, from the subtle kotodama whistle to legendary artifacts like the staff of Sun Wukong.

Written by: Eren Ahn, Jeremy Blum, Logan Bonner, Alyx Bui, James Case, Banana Chan, Rick Chia, Hiromi Cota, Dana Ebert, Eleanor Ferron, Basheer Ghouse, John Godek III, Sen H.H.S., Joan Hong, Daniel Kwan, Jacky Leung, Jesse J. Leung, Monte Lin, Jessie “Aki” Lo, Adam Ma, Ashley Moni, Collette Quach, Christopher Rondeau, Joaquin Kyle “Makapatag” Saavedra, Michael Sayre, Shahreena Shahrani, Kienna Shaw, Philip Shen, Tan Shao Han, Mari Tokuda, Ruvaid Virk, Viditya Voleti, Grady Wang, and Jay Zhang.

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