Fallout RPG Map Pack 1 Vault

The Vault-Tec Corporation created over a hundred survival shelters, or Vaults, to protect a selected
fragment of the United States population in the event of a nuclear holocaust. Once the bombs fell,
the doors were sealed, and each Vault’s occupants would live out their years until given the
all-clear, or some other fate befell them. The few Vaults that remained untouched by the ravages of
time are a treasure trove waiting to be explored. Pry those doors open and uncover the truth within!
This map pack includes poster maps featuring the floor plans of one of the Vault-Tec
Corporation’s Vaults. You can use these maps for your tabletop roleplaying sessions using
Fallout: The Roleplaying Game or miniature wargames with Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. The pack
also includes a companion booklet that contains short scenarios and encounters for the
corresponding maps, as well as scavenging location details and information used in Fallout: The
Roleplaying Game and its supplementary Gamemaster’s Toolkit.
● 8 poster-sized maps, scaled to 32mm miniatures. Use for a full quest or as separate
Vault encounters!
● 32-page booklet with a full quest! Explore and discover the mystery of a once hidden
Vault beneath an old hotel.
● Learn why the Vault’s inhabitants are so eerily cheerful and why they never want to leave.
● Free the Vault inhabitants and stop the culprit responsible.
● Enhance your game prep with new threats, obstacles, and detailed scavenging Locations.

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