Vaesen - Mythic Britain ENGLISCH

In this book you will find a complete guide to the supernatural British Isles and Ireland including the great city of London, the countryside beyond, and the four nations that occupy the islands: England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. The union, based on conquest and maintained by force when necessary, is fraught with cultural differences and ancient grievances. National and regional differences are further complicated by conflicts between the declining nobility and the rising industrial class, between the wealthy employers and the struggling workers, between the native townsfolk and the new arrivals — and between the mortal and supernatural worlds. CONTENTS: - Information about the British Society, its founders and headquarters. - A gazetteer over the sprawling city of London complete with adventure locations and secret societies. - A guide to the mythology of Mythic Britain and Ireland, with a score of mythological locations across the islands. - A chapter detailing a number of mythical beings, vaesen, with stats, background information, story seeds and variants. - Old Meg: A mystery which takes the player characters to Gloucestershire to investigate a slew of gruesome killings and discover an ancient evil. - The Llantywyll Incident: A mystery wherein the characters travel to Wales and a mine stricken with strange misfortunes. - The Hampstead Group: A mystery in the heart of London, where the characters are invited to an artist’s commune with some very weird habits.
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