Kisarta 5E – Setting Sourcebook ENGLISCH

Kisarta is a setting of damned souls and unearthly horrors totally compatible with 5th Edition.

You can use classes, races and spells typical of 5th edition, but not only them. Kisarta adds a lot of new elements, mechanics, classes and races to explore this setting in a more ‘horrorific’ way.

In this sourcebook you will find:

  • A very detailed description of the world of Kisarta, of its Dominions and of the places of interest on each of them, as well as of the tyrants who reign over these places.
  • New races, classes and subclasses originating from Kisarta, enabling you to play characters marked by its darkness.
  • New game rules and tips for the GM, to make campaigns played in this setting even more daunting and adventurous.
  • New items and spells, to bestow your characters with incredible powers.
  • An extensive ready-to-play adventure, to enter the darkness of Kisarta with your friends.
  • Lore and mechanics for characters and monsters that populate these lands, to create memorable encounters with.

Welcome to Kisarta, where death is only the beginning.

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