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Goblin Errands is a no-prep RPG for 2 to 4 goblins and one Tall Person. Together you'll struggle to complete seemingly mundane tasks for your community.

Buying vegetables at the market or procuring the services of a local wizard to get your wise leader unstuck from his chamber pot become tricky if you live in a world made for folk much bigger and stronger than you.

And on top of that you have only a single Braincell to work with and one that you have to share with your fellow goblins. Even otherwise ordinary, everyday tasks turn into hilarious misadventures.


Goblin Errands is a zany and family-friendly role-playing game. It doesn't need a lot of lore knowledge or features complex rules. Instead it focuses on telling fun and funny stories. This makes it perfectly suited for younger players or families.

But even experienced RPG-players can enjoy it. They can make fun of the tropes and cliches of fantasy gaming and it's no-prep nature makes it easy to pick up and run in-between other sessions.

52 full-color pages

8 different goblin playbooks:

The Rowdy, the Rascal, the Whiz-Wart, the Rambler, the Ratter, the High-Speaker, the Square and the Nibbler

6 goblin body stats: Hands, Legs, Eyes, Mouth, Frame, and Heart

D6 based complication-friendly resolution system

Single, shared Braincell mechanic to reward silly and funny ideas

Errand generator to enable no-prep Play

Included digital extras:

GM rules reference sheet

Goblin community sheet

Goblin generator sheet

Playbook layout files




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