Dungeons & Dragons 2024 Dungeon Master's Screen ENGLISCH


Every adventure needs a gamemaster to bring fantastic worlds and epic quests to life. Every gamemaster needs their indispensable companion - the gamemaster screen. The Gamemaster's Screen 2024 features a spectacular panoramic scene of Joy Ang representing each major class of the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons®. The rules on the inside of this new umbrella have been revised and updated to give every GM the most useful information for their games.

- The four-part screen helps the game master to conceal notes and dice rolls without interfering with visual contact and interactions with players at the table.
- The newly revised interior is based on ten years of feedback from game masters and provides them with the most useful reference guide in the game.
- An excellent resource for new and experienced gamemasters to create inspiring adventures and an engaging gaming experience. You can use it with the Player's Handbook (2024), the Monster Manual (2024) and the Fifth Edition Dungeon Master's Guide.


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