Doctor Who RPG Second Edition Adventure Book One ENGLISCH

It’s a big year for Doctor Who as the series reaches its sixtieth anniversary this November! We are delighted to announce that Cubicle 7 will mark the occasion with the release of TWO roleplaying game books celebrating the Doctor’s adventures!

Book One covers 1963-1996, from the First Doctor to the Eighth Doctor. Journey back to where it all began sixty years ago as the mysterious Doctor whisked away two unsuspecting school teachers in the TARDIS, travelling to distant planets, the far future, and Earth’s past. This book takes you through the Doctor’s classic adventures up to the Doctor’s dramatic regeneration into an incarnation more suited to the battle against the Daleks. From ‘An Unearthly Child’ to ‘Night of the Doctor’, relive the Doctor’s adventures and meet their most trusted companions. It offers a wealth of information for Gamemasters, players, and fans, to celebrate the anniversary of the world’s longest-running science fiction television series

In addition, each Doctor has a new adventure that mysteriously interweaves to create an epic multi-Doctor experience that spans millennia.

Next time we’ll take a look at Book Two, which details the Doctor’s adventures after the Time War, from the War Doctor to the Thirteenth Doctor’s dramatic and surprising regeneration.

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