Advent Dice Calendar 2023

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Santa is closer with each moment! Count down the days until Christmas! Open 24 slots of the colorful cardboard box – inside 23 of them, you’ll find fantastic dice created by Q Workshop, plus a metal coin in the last one! Discover astonishing designs of intricate engravings and beautiful color themes, and dive into the magnificent world of dice! Make yourself a little gift every day before Christmas Eve!

- This calendar is made of cardboard in full-color print, with plastic filling.

- The contents of this calendar are 23 dice and 1 metal coin.

- 15 dice are randomly chosen from the range of Q Workshop’s most popular and newest designs in various types and color themes.

- 8 dice are in the design of the Christmas Dice Set (additional Modern D4 is included), in a new exclusive color theme.

- On the last day, there is a special metal coin, masterfully designed, especially for this edition of the Advent Dice Calendar.

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